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What would be the easiest thing for you right now? To find the perfect furniture shipping company, right? Read on to see why we believe we are the furniture shipping company you are looking for. We are not just a furniture moving company, we are a professional shipping organization that knows the ins and outs of shipping everything from priceless artwork to giant office machinery... from family heirlooms to a complete home full of furniture. What's more, our over 400 affiliate locations nationwide means that we can coordinate a furniture move across town or across the country — all with complete insurance coverage if necessary. And our skill at packing and shipping just about anything safely and securely is unmatched! There simply is no furniture moving company that can deliver all of the benefits we offer.


When you're considering furniture transport companies, there are none with the wide range of experience we have. And when it comes to customer service... we have the other furniture movers beat! Think about it: do you really want a "starving student" moving your valuables around in a rented truck? Probably not! And when it comes to furniture shipping rates, we can offer the most competitive pricing along with the "personal touch" care and customer service that the other furniture removal companies just cannot match.

In addition to being a premier national furniture mover, we offer an array of other convenient services such as custom packaging and custom crating. We have years of experience transporting priceless antiques and valuable artwork. And we can even provide storage services for short or long-term storage needs. The fact is, when it comes to taking care of the customers needs, there is no other full-service company with so much dedication and experience as we have at the Go Packaging Store chain of professional furniture shipping companies.

So give us a call at (877) 722-5236 and speak to any of our furniture moving professionals to see that we mean business and we take furniture moving to a new level of convenience, service and competence.


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