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When choosing an international shipping company, why not go with the international shipping experts: the Packaging Store! We are an international shipping company that prides itself on taking the headaches of international shipping out of the process. We know the ins-and-outs of customs codes, importing restrictions, duties and shipping international. We know the best ways to get your products quickly and efficiently across international borders. And we can get it all done without breaking the bank.


The shipping experts at the Packaging Store have over 25 years of experience guiding your irreplaceable artifacts through the complexities of international travel—without feeling any "jet lag" whatsoever! When you choose the Packaging Store as your international shipping company, you'll get best-in-class reliability to ensure your packages arrive at any port damage-free, guaranteed. We'll work with you to decide on the best route for your goods, be it in the air or by ship, and then we'll package your valuables according to their destination. We'll fill out the forms for you, insure them, and guarantee their safe arrival.

Our 99.8% satisfaction rate speaks for itself about the quality of service you'll receive with the Packaging Store as yourinternational shipping companyno matter what you are sending, and no matter where you are sending it!

Compared to traditional domestic shipping, international shipping poses additional requirements on the shipper, including detailed customs paperwork, compliance with ISPM-15 certified regulations, additional costs and often a longer transit time.


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