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What Goes into Our Shipping Rate Calculator?

At the Handle with Care Packaging Store, our shipping quote calculator is unique from most others in the industry. This is because we are a full service packaging and shipping operation, and we do mean "full" service. We can ship absolutely anything to anywhere (domestic and international) with care. This means anything from a small envelope to an airplane engine can be shipped through our store with the highest level of care possible, especially on the more fragile items.


Where's it Going and When Do You Need it There? 
When we calculate shipping rates for you, the first things we look at are the time and cost to get the merchandise from the drop off location to its final destination. Obviously, the longer the distance of the shipment and the shorter the time frame for delivery, the higher the rate will be. International destinations add another wrinkle into the calculation, and the price will then depend on which country it's going to.

What's the Size and Shape of the Package? 
This is an area where our vast experience and expertise in the industry really pays off. While many places only take shipments of envelopes and standard sized boxes or containers, we will ship anything of any size and shape, as long as it's legal. When it comes to shipping merchandize that is odd-shaped and difficult to send, chances are we have a solution.

Extra Services 
While standard sized boxes and envelopes are generally pretty easy to send, you may need a little extra help for those hard to ship items. No worries. Whatever extra help you need, we've got you covered. Here are some of the add-on services we offer to make your shipment or small move go more smoothly:

Pickup & Delivery: Need someone to come out and pick up your shipment for you? No problem. We can arrange to come to your location and pick up your item, no matter how big or how many lbs it weighs. On the delivery end, we can bring it all the way into the drop off location and carefully unpack it for the recipient. Just let us know what level of pickup and delivery service you need, and we'll get that arranged for you. And remember: you can always calculate shipping costs with our handy online shipping quote generator.

Custom Packaging: Packing and unpacking weird-shaped and/or fragile items can be quite difficult, especially if you've never done it before. To insure that your merchandise is packed properly, you may want to select our customized packing services. Our experts can pack everything up for you in the safest manner possible, so your shipment will arrive safely at its destination. If you need us to, we can even do your packing onsite.

Additional Materials: If you need extra boxes, bubble wrap, tape, or any other packaging materials, we can take care of this for you as well. Just let us know what you need and we'll get everything set up for you.


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