Are my valuable possessions insured from the time they leave my home or business?

Yes. Handle With Care Packaging Stores either provide or can arrange for pickup and delivery services to both your residential and business locations. Check with your local service provider to determine what services are Yes, and you should demand this from any pack and ship service provider you investigate. Always ask if they know what bailee's insurance is and can they provide it. A bailee is an individual or entity that holds the property of "others" and is responsible for the protection of those goods against loss or damage while it is in their custody. Make sure any shipper you examine has this insurance; otherwise, if there's any damage before it's handed to a carrier, it may not be covered against loss or damage.

It is noteworthy that ALL Handle With Care Packaging Store locations have ample bailee's insurance coverage, in addition to extensive Inland Marine transit insurance. That's one more reason why among shipping companies, we are considered "the packaging and shipping experts".available and for local pricing.