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The Packaging Store in Alexandria is an independently owned and operated business in the Handle With Care Packaging Store network. The Packaging Store is the premiere provider of packing and shipping services for difficult-to-ship items in North America. The proprietors of this location, Suresh Jain, are certified under The Packaging Store's stringent training and operating requirements for packing, shipping, pickup and delivery of fragile, large, awkward and valuable goods. You can't beat our reputation.

Just a stone’s throw from the Beltway and our nation’s capital you will find the premier packing and shipping store in Alexandria. The Alexandria Packaging Store specializes in everything you need to get those hard to ship items packed up and on their way. Whether you are an individual shipping furniture or a company shipping computers, the Alexandria Packaging Store is here to give you the advice and materials you need to ensure a safe trip for your possessions. To help us get to know your needs better, please send us a brief account of your prospective shipment using our online form. If you have questions while filling it out, don’t hesitate to call us!

Once you have received your shipping estimate from Alexandria to your chosen destination, then you can get started on the most critical stage of any shipment: packing. Anything we custom package in Alexandria, we will guarantee to arrive safely at its destination. We are confident about our custom packaging techniques. If you decide to do it yourself, we can also help you with the right materials, crates, and boxes.

Depending on the size and fragility of your Washington DC area shipping, we might recommend either you take advantage of our high quality crating services or fragile shipping services Alexandria, Virginia.


Notary Services

At the Packaging Store in Alexandria, we offer the services of a commissioned and insured Notary Public. From real estate deeds to contracts, and from loan documents to affidavits, our notaries are ready to professionally finish your document.

Many notaries public have even taken the extra step and become certified by the National Notary Association to become a Notary Signing Agent (NSA).  NSA’s have taken extra coursework related to loan signings and are experienced in notarizing  documents such as real estate deeds of trust, warranty deeds, mortgage notes, affidavits, certification of trusts and escrow information.

Q: What is a notary public?

A: According to the National Notary Association, a notary public is a public servant appointed by state government to witness the signing of important documents and administer oaths. 

Q: What does a notary public notarize?

A: A notary public notarizes any document in which an originator needs to ensure the integrity of the signer.  A notary public verifies the identity of the signer, and that they are signing knowingly and willingly.  This process helps deter the fraudulent execution of documents.

Q: How does a notary verify the identity of the signer?

A: A notary will ask a signer for a document such as a driver’s license or government-issued identification card that includes a photograph, signature and some information describing the person.

Q: Can a Notary Public prepare or assist in the preparation of any documents?

A: No, a notary public can only witness the signing of the documents, not assist or prepare any documents.  To assist or prepare documents would be an unlawful practice of law. This keeps the notary’s position as an impartial witness to the signing.

Q: Can I be refused a notarization?

A: A notary public may refuse to perform a notarization if he or she cannot be certain of a prospective signer’s identity, willingness, or understanding of what is happening at that moment.  In addition, a notary may not notarize a document in which he or she has a financial interest.

Q: Can a notary certify a copy of a document?

A: State laws may vary, but in general, no.  For vital records documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates, the requestor should visit the local agency that holds these documents, such as a local county clerk.  There are some limited instances when a notary may certify a copy, but it is best to check with the notary of your state.

Q: What about immigration paperwork..can a notary public prepare or notarize immigration papers?

A: A notary may notarized papers those that require notarization such as the Affidavit of Support, but they may not prepare or file another person’s immigration papers unless he or she is an attorney or a US DOJ accredited representative.

So try our Notary Public Services today. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at (703) 291-1985.

When it comes to choosing the best freight shipping company to pack and ship your fragile, large, awkward or valuable items, The Packaging Store is your best choice. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience as our foundation, The Packaging Store in Alexandria has been creating individualized, custom solutions for people just like you, one shipment at a time.

We know you want a company which views your valuables with the thought, "We treat your items as if they were our own." We know you want a company which is accessible and responsive to your questions from the time of pick-up to delivery. We know you want a company which has already been tested from tens of thousands of shipments, resulting in satisfied clients across the globe.

That company is The Packaging Store. For years, The Packaging Store of Alexandria has helped people just like you shipping all kinds of fragile, large, awkward and valuable items, creating the perfect custom packaging and shipping solutions. The Packaging Store. We get it there with care.

Need a quote? Call us at (703) 751-2446, and we'd be happy to listen and provide a custom solution based on your needs. Thank you for giving The Packaging Store the opportunity to earn your trust, and your business.


Suresh Jain
Packaging Store of Alexandria
5145 Duke St Ste D
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