Foam in Place & Custom Foam in Santa Barbara

Protect with Custom Foam

We have over 25 years experience working with Foam in Place Packing. Our proven foam packaging techniques ensure your items are safe.

Custom Foam-In-Place

Foam in Place & Custom Foam in Santa Barbara

At the Packaging Store in Santa Barbara, we do packaging right. That means offering best-in-class packaging options like foam packaging. Our foam-in-place service secures shipments to ensure damage-free shipping both domestically and internationally. Our professional staff uses an advanced solution to create foam-in-place services that surpass all expectations for stable, reliable packaging and shipping.

The foam-in-place service begins with pouring a liquid foam solution into a crate. Then, we lower your items into the solution and make sure that they are properly supported. Then, we allow the foam to encase your item. After the foam solution hardens, your package is ready to go! Safe and snug in a foam shell. Foam-in-place is just one piece of our comprehensive custom packaging service.

Foam Packing and Shipping in Santa Barbara

Our Santa Barbara Packaging Store can help with everything from a small box to a large international shipping crate. If you need it packaged and shipped, odds are we can help.

Why do people choose The Packaging Store? We treat every item as if it were our own. Want an instant quote?

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