Nancy O'Donohue
"Thank you so much for a great packing job on the table I brought you last week. It arrived more than safe & sound. The table is over 100 years old, made by my great-grandfather & naturally, irreplaceable. I’ll save your well-made boxes for the next time I move it."
— Nancy O'Donohue
San Mateo, California
Joann Scheele
"I want to thank you so much for the exemplary help and packaging of my antique rocking chair which you shipped off to North Carolina last Saturday for me. It arrived in fine shape yesterday - in just five days - and has been received happily by my niece to whom it was sent as a family bequest. I must also add that the little kids in her house love the big strong box. You understood how much this meant to me and I am very grateful."
— Joann Scheele
Faith Smith

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Ravi and Sonia are at your location. I meet people all the time through my business and finding people as genuine and pleasant as they are is a rarity indeed in the business world. They are definitely an asset to your company and the "Packaging Store" name!"

— Faith Smith, Owner
Eyes Cream Shades
Steve Hall
"Over the past 10 years, our company has achieved remarkable growth. A good part of this is attributed to those who we associate with both on a personal and business level. Rhoda and Emery Minger and staff have faithfully and professionally taken care of our shipping needs and inventory throughout this period of time. The success of our business is directly tied to the shipping of our CD's and cassettes (over one million shipped) in a timely, correct manner. This is a critical area and we are very grateful to The Packaging Store for taking care of this for us . . . and at a very competitive price!"
— Steve Hall, President
Bankbeat Productions, Inc.
Mark Morton
"The keyboard arrived today and you guys were truly professional. Thank you. I have recommended you to another who made an inquiry."
— Mark Morton
Timothy J. McSorley
"I would like to take this opportunity to personally express my appreciation and gratitude for your assistance in obtaining a piece of the World Trade Center steel...Your part in this endeavor was the key in 'making it happen.' The spirit with which you assisted us is just another example of what makes America great."
— Timothy J. McSorley, P.E.
Project Director
Ron Zen
"I received the shipment on Wednesday at 12:30 pm by a local carrier. They did a great job in getting it here. But better than what they did is the excellent job you and your company did to pack my possessions. I can see the extra care you took to pack my delicate things so they would come through the move with as little trauma as possible. But even with the great care you did to make sure it would arrive with little damage, there were still some boxes that were crushed. Thankfully the damage was mainly to the outside of the box, the contents were ok. I now see why the extra time and the extra cost what you did with the packaging was worth every dollar you charged..."
— Ron Zen
"Thank you for the terrific service you provided to me this past summer and fall with the shipment of my great aunt's cedar chest from my apartment to my sister in Kansas City. Had I known that it would be so painless, I would have done it much earlier. But in particular, I thank you for following up with [the carrier] to confirm their delay in delivering in Kansas City, and for obtaining a rebate to reflect their failure to deliver in a timely fashion."
— J.A.
Martha Bounoure
"Just wanted to say 'Thank you' for the great job you did with my furniture shipment.Everything arrived safely and in perfect condition thanks to your wonderful packers and efficient service!! The MultiModal people here couldn't be nicer and we took delivery in Lyon in the end. It means a lot to me to have some of my mother's pieces in my home here and I am grateful to get them undamaged. Would definitely recommend your company and please extend my compliments to your packers."
— Martha Bounoure
Bonnie Gilchrist
"...When I called you about this job, I knew that each of the four angels was 8 1/2 feet high and roughly 6 feet wide. I also knew that they were extremely frgile because they are made from paper sculpture. What I didn't know until after you had paid the artist a visit, was that you would have to carry them down 7 flights of stairs because they were too large to fit in the elevator. Nor did I know the logistical challenge of transporting them to your shop because they couldn't be stacked on top of one another. But somehow you managed to get them to your store and figure out an ingenious way of packing them. When we took the top of the crate I could hardly believe how securely they had traveled. Not one of them had even the least bit of damage...The angels were the highlight of our 'Touched by Angels' art auction that raised many thousands of dollars for Alzheimer's research. You truly earned your own wings with this one!"
— Bonnie Gilchrist, President
Gilchrist & Associates, Inc.
Maynor A. Osorio
"We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the services you have been providing to GE Capital for the past twelve years.Many items often need urgent pickup and packaging and The Packaging Store is always willing to meet our expectations. From a server to a six-foot long piece of stained glass, all items are carefully and professionally packed, and arrive in a safe and timely manner. You have gained our trust and are an asset to our operation."
— Maynor A. Osorio
Manager - Traffic & Office Services GE Capital
"The model arrived in perfect condition...It was most certainly an engineering feat how you packed it. Thank you once again for a job well done. I would most certainly recommend your store."
— Cindy
Erik Fahnoe
"Dear Mr. Hack, This to let you know that I unpacked the painting and everything is perfect. I would also like to add, that in my many many years of receiving large shipments that was professionally packed or crated. Your work came out as a clear number 1 on my list, you are truly a professional and my complements go to you, Should you ever be in the need of a reference, you are most welcome to use me as a reference."
— Thank you again,
Erik Fahnoe
Dave Diederich
"Andy: Once again, thank you for the fine job your company did for the shipping of the Italian Creamware garniture set. These pieces are very fragile and your company packed them up extremely well and each piece came through with no damage due to shipping. A job well done! Any purchases that we make at auction in the Detroit area, you will get our business. "
— Thanks again, Dave Diederich
CJD Antiques & Interiors
John W. Palmer
"Andrew: The Mahogany table arrived in good order today. Your wrapping and packaging - layer by layer - was impressive and effective. Thanks for all your effort and care. I can't thank you enough for a job well done."
— Best regards, John
John W. Palmer, CFA
Susan Street
"It's perfect! Just wanted to say thank you, Peter, to you and your staff! Great job and a very happy client... Painting arrived today, Tuesday! I will definitely recommend you!!"
— Best,
Susan Street
Ken Perkal
"Just a quick note to let you know the chair/bike arrived without a hitch. And I'm super happy with your quality of packing/shipping services. You did a great job!.. Super professional and I appreciate it."
— Best regards, Ken,
Ken Perkal Design
Roy P. Madsen
"I am a professional sculptor, and my work has been packaged and shipped by The Packaging Store for as long as the company has been in existence. My work is shipped to galleries in the United States and Canada, and several times a year to exhibitions in New York. There has never been a single instance in which my sculptures have arrived at their destination in less than pristine condition.
The Packaging Store is by far the best for shipping artwork from San Diego to anywhere else. Like other artists in this area, I would not consider utilizing another shipper."
— Sincerely,
Roy P. Madsen, Ph.D.
Karen Tereshkow
"My chest arrived safely today at my restorer’s address." The words he used to describe your packing were "I am very impressed! It was packed very well." Thank you for professionally caring for my merchandise, for mailing my Du Mouchelles receipt which I received today, and for keeping in contact with me each step of the way. I will definitely work with you again should I successfully bid on merchandise at Du Mouchelles.
— Sincerely,
Karen Tereshkow
R. Scott Marshall
"Start with care, concern, integrity, trust and loyalty. Combined with skill, promptness, effectiveness, service, knowledge, and always the extra mile. Throw in laughter, a funny story and a friend. You now have all the reasons why the Packaging Store will always be part of our extended business family."
— R. Scott Marshall, President
Design 2
Shannon Hartman
"The Packaging Store helps my business immensely. They take care of all our mail order and gift basket business with ease! They take care of everything-from packaging our shipments to shipping out our product. And they do all of the paperwork!!! Because of the Packaging Store, we have increased our business tremendously. We don’t know what we would have done without them."
— Shannon Hartman, President
Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee
Cynthia Scidner
The care and expertise you have shown in the packaging of the antiques/china, going short and long distances is greatly appreciated. It's important for us to rely on the best—it keeps us the best too!"
— Cynthia Scidner, Owner
Countryside Pine Antiques
Bloomfield, Michigan
Jim Brewer
"Thank you for order fulfillment service for the past several years. Even though our business has grown, we have been able to keep our office and staffing the same. Also, you have enabled us to keep overhead costs down by providing us with the warehouse space required for our growing inventory. However, the greatest value over these many years has been that we have been able to remain confident in the quality of handling and packaging provided to our customers on our behalf."
— Jim Brewer
Michael Parkes Posters
Michael Ottavi
"We ship fragile and expensive objects and are pleased with the attention to detail they have given to our shipments. "
— Michael Ottavi 
Gallery 532
Denise Parri
"...I want to thank you so much for the time, patience and meticulous care you have taken in the crating and shipping the 5 foot logisticalGILE sculptures. Your operations were a smooth success! I highly recommend your company...and I will definitely use you in any future projects. You are the 'worry free' transportation masters."
— Denise Parri
Director / Resident Artist / Fine Art Consultant
White Space, A Fine Art Gallery
Chuck F.

Hi Peter,

My Pioneer Plasma TV arrived today in perfect condition thanks to
your unbelievably incredible professional packing job. I was stunned
at the work you did, and invite you to give my name, email address
and home phone number [deleted] to any potential customers
that may ask you for a testimonial from an immensely satisfied customer.

You have re-defined my idea of a what a professional packing and
shipping job looks like, and my only regret is that you don't have a
store up here in Spokane!

Thank you very, very much.
Chuck F.


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