When people think of Wisconsin they think of cheese. Then you have Appleton, Wisconsin, and you think, hey... quit messin' with my food/city associations! Yes, cheese and apples go together, but... that's just one of many reasons why in 2010 Money Magazine listed Appleton, WI as "One of the Best Places in America to Live". And guess what? Since then Appleton has gotten even better! Why? Well, there is a pack and ship store called the Handle With Care Packaging Store located in Appleton that offers convenient pack and ship services to residents and businesses alike making Appleton, WI a global hub for just about anything that needs to be shipped to just about anywhere.

The Handle With Care Packaging Store located at 1722 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Appleton has been building their reputation for excellent pack and ship services for several years now and we just want to make sure that folks are aware of the full range of packing and shipping services available in the Appleton area. And while we ship small boxes to points around the country every day, what folks may NOT know is that the Handle With Care Packaging store can handle just about anything you have that needs shipping. And we don't just stop with the shipping -- we provide a full array of packing services such as custom crating, foam-in-place packing for those highly fragile items, and padding and strapping for those large or bulky items. And when you discover that we have no size limit and no weight limit like other shippers often have, it becomes clear that this is the "go-to" place for anything at all to do with packing and shipping.

As Franchise operator Mark Kintz likes to say,

"We are very pleased to service the pack and ship needs of Appleton businesses. We love living here. We love the people and we love the lifestyle. We hope that you will call on us whenever you have any pack and ship needs whatsoever. Our professional packers and shippers are ready to help you with all your shipping and transportation needs -- and we do it with a smile!"

Fragile items? Large or awkward machinery? Delicate furniture items? No problem! We do it all! And we'll even come to your location if necessary to pack and secure your valuables for shipment. Give us a call today at (920) 738-7710 and experience our pack and ship expertise!

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