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Electronics Shipping

Whether you are shipping one flat screen TV or an entire home theater System, The Packaging Store can help.

Safely Ship Electronics

When you've got to ship twenty computers, a fragile monitor or a server with priceless data, you need specialized computer packaging and computer shipping methods.

Expert packaging provided by The Packaging Store is the difference between "damaged" and "damage-free." If you need to ship a computer, we're the company that will take care of you and your shipment. And if you need to ship electronics, we're the pros!

Our shipments arrive 99.8% claims free! We're the leading electronics shipping & packaging company and a more affordable solution for computer shipping.

Medical equipment, ATMs, copiers, lab equipment, sound systems, telecommunications, vending machines, robotics, industrial equipment, slot machines, video games — The Packaging Store can ship it!

Whether you just need to pack and ship one load or you need an on-call electronics or computer shipping service, we can help. We offer foam-in-place packaging, crating, pad-wrap and palletizing. We'll also work with you to custom design the safest, most cost-effective packaging solution. Plus, we pick up from your site and deliver locally or ship anywhere, nationally or internationally.

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ISPM 15 Crating

ISPM 15 Certified Crates