While certainly there are some people who think that Berkeley, CA is the center of the universe, the rest of us know it as  just a great place that strongly identifies with the rapid social changes.  And while customer service is nothing new, to expect it when you're shipping a package is a welcome and refreshing change. Nothing to do with civic unrest, and political upheaval as folks in Berkeley are accustomed to, but still a nice addition to the community. And that's why we're in business offering packing services to folks in and around Berkeley, CA.: to live in a great place and offer great packing, moving, crating and shipping services to great people.

And once the great folks in Berkeley become aware that while we offer packing services, it by no means stops there. We provide a full compliment of packing and shipping related services such as custom crating, foam-in-place packing for those highly fragile items, and padding and strapping services to safely transport just about anything you have. From small knick-knacks locally, to an across the country relocation of a home & garage full of stuff. The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Berkeley, CA has seen it all. We've helped re-locate companies around town and around the globe. That would be desks, office equipment, large machinery, awkward shaped items, computers, servers... you name it. Our professional focus on the care and safe arrival of your valuables is something we take very seriously.

If you're in Berkeley, CA and you require the assistance of packing and shipping experts, give us a call at (510) 540-6311. Franchise operator Darren Armor and his team are ready to be of service in any way they can.

We make it easy to do business with us. Simply go to any page of our website and complete the short "Shipping Estimate" form and that gets the process started. If you'd rather speak directly to a shipping coordinator, give us a call at (510) 540-6311. And if EMail is your preference, you can reach us at [email protected]. Who says you can't be liberal and still enjoy good old-fashioned customer service?

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