The city of Glendale has an interesting history to the origin of its name. Following a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in 1883, the townspeople met at the schoolhouse on Verdugo Road to discuss the naming of their town. A young woman painter from Chicago offered the two word name "Glen Dale" and it was approved. "Glendale" means "Valley" in Scottish or Gaelic, and many of the early settlers of the region had emigrated from the British Isles. So that fit very well with the residents at the time. However, mail continued to be addressed to "Verdugo" and it wasn't until eight years later that the Post Office finally began using the name "Glendale". Imagine eight years to get your mail! It doesn't matter how inexpensive it might have been with a wait that long. While our rates are not as low as they were back then, the best shipping rates in Glendale today are provided by the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Glendale, CA.
But it's not just the shipping rates that have made us a household name for shipping, it's the skill, experience and dedication we bring to every shipment that makes us the shipping option of choice for both residents and businesses in the Glendale, CA area. People have come to know that while other shipping companies have size and weight limits, the Handle With Care Packaging Store says bring it on. There is literally nothing that's come our way that we haven't been able to carefully package in such a way as to ensure safe delivery around the block or around the world. Our years of franchise packing and shipping experience comes into play with a special packing technique for every type of item. Take fine art: We carefully protect the item and then place it in a custom crate thus guaranteeing safe arrival. Or bulky office equipment for example: We pad it up, strap it to a pallet, then wrap it securely to be certain it's not damaged in transit. Or delicate family heirlooms: We use a custom foam-in-place packing technique to be sure it arrives in pristine condition -- just as when it left.
As franchise operator Rhoda Minger is often heard saying,
"We take care of your valuables as if they were our own. We've built our business by taking care of our customers and their valuables like no one else. That's why we've grown over the years to become the shipping store of choice for people looking for the best shipping rates in Glendale -- and also the best shipping rates in the North Hollywood area for that matter -- along with the satisfaction of knowing their valuables are in good hands."
And when it's not convenient for you to bring your shipment into our store, just give us a call in Glendale at (818) 956-1137 and we'll be happy to come to your residence or place of business and bring the item to our location to work our packing magic and ship it off to its destination promptly and securely. And unlike the situation in 1883, it will be more like 8 hours instead of 8 years for your shipment to be on its way.
Handle With Care Packaging Store of Glendale, CA
822 Allen Ave.
Glendale, CA 91201
Franchise operator: Rhoda & Emery Minger
Phone: (818) 956-1137
Fax: (818) 763-2050
Hours: M-F 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Sat/Sun: Closed

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