Essential Merchandising Tips for Colorado Boutiques and Shops: Displaying items, arranging counters, and installing fixtures to present inventory is a crucial component to every retailer’s success. There is a delicate balance between choosing the right merchandise and presenting it in the best possible light to entice customers to buy, buy, buy.

Small Colorado boutiques and retail shops with tight budgets can follow a few important retail merchandising tips to improve their business without having to spend the time or money to hire professional merchandisers.

Get creative with displays, but be sure to use the right fixtures that will present inventory in the most attractive and functional way possible:

  • Review inventory and group like items together. Determine how much display space is required for each product category.
  • Choose a display case solution that allows inventory to be arranged according to price point, color and category.
  • Don’t forget to plan space nearby to showcase accessories or add-ons to make it easy for sales people to show customers.
  • Avoid clutter. The perfect display case should include ways to keep inventory organized in the best possible way.
  • Change it up. Keep return customers interested with a variety of display options. Snap a photo to document retail displays so that they can be easily duplicated in the future. Document what works and what doesn’t.

Generate visual interest on the retail floor with unique displays that appeal to customer’s whimsy. Antique display cases can really make a statement to draw interest to look inside. For example, an antique candy display case would work great for displaying smaller colorful items like jewelry, trinkets, buttons, or guitar pics. An antique display case with a story, verses an off the shelf solution provides yet another way to connect with customers and increase their browsing time in the store. This antique oak candy store display case with fifteen small drawers and custom labels would be a great option to organize and display smaller like items in a creative way.

Finding the perfect display case for a unique store setting can be hard to do, so be sure to work with professionals in Lone Tree, CO when it comes time to pack and ship that one-of-a-kind display case so that it arrives on site in mint condition. Not sure how to get a fragile or awkward display case to the The Handle with Care Packaging Store location? No worries! Just contact the Lone Tree, CO Handle with Care Packging Store team and they are happy to meet on-location to prepare the display case for shipping. With many years of custom packing and shipping experience, the Lone Tree, CO pack and ship experts will custom pack and crate any size or shape display case so that it reaches its final destination in a safe and economical way.
Don’t be afraid to try something new. Retail merchandising can be rewarding and fun. In the end, a successful visual merchandising strategy can increase sales for Colorado shops and boutiques by appealing to customers interests and creating a buzz that continually draws in return traffic.

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