Determining the optimal shipping methods for your business demands thoughtful consideration. Business owners often grapple with questions like, "What will be the cost?" and "How can I guarantee the safe arrival of each item?" These queries become especially challenging when dealing with large, delicate, or multi-piece items. Challenges may arise due to a lack of knowledge or materials for proper packaging, or the default shipping method may impose size and weight restrictions. This is where container and palletized freight shipping come into play. Palletized shipping emerges as the preferred method for business owners, enabling the swift, secure, and cost-effective delivery of large, fragile items, as well as multiple items, to their destinations.

Benefits of Pallet Shipping


The decision to use a pallet as the preferred shipping method is primarily influenced by the quantity, size, and weight of the items being shipped. If numerous boxes are destined for the same location, consolidating them on a pallet is a logical choice. Not only does this ensure the simultaneous delivery of all items, but it also reduces the risk of damage during transit.

Safe & Secure Packing

Various unfortunate incidents, from items falling off trucks or shifting during transit causing damage, can befall shipments during the shipping process. Palletized shipping addresses these concerns by employing highly customized and secure packing for both small and large items. For instance, a stack of boxes can be placed on a pallet, shrink-wrapped, and banded to prevent unnecessary movement. Conversely, a sizable item like a piano can be securely crated and affixed to a pallet, ensuring efficient transport while minimizing the potential for human error.

Cost-Effective Shipping

Moreover, palletized shipping proves to be a more cost-effective option. Shipping multiple small boxes together often falls under the category of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping. LTL shipping, a method where the delivered freight doesn't fully occupy a truck, typically involves shipping items alongside others to various destinations. Coupled with the space-saving advantages of palletized shipping, this approach significantly reduces costs compared to conventional methods.

Ship Pallets with The Packaging Store

With a wealth of experience exceeding thirty years in container and palletized freight shipping, The Packaging Store offers numerous options to address your palletized shipping requirements. Beyond item pickup, we provide on-site packaging, allowing you to oversee the process and ensure your shipment receives the necessary protection. Employing methods such as shrink-wrapping, banding, and custom crating for large, fragile items, our freight shipping experts ensure that each item is prepared and packaged securely, mitigating the risk of unwanted damage.

The Packaging Store presents a range of freight options for your shipments, whether by land, sea, or air. Rest assured, your shipment is in capable hands. Contact your local Packaging Store and consult with our experts to discover the most cost-effective and secure methods for packing and shipping items worldwide.


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