Shipping dishes can be a daunting task, especially given their weight and delicate nature. Whether you're sending a single piece or an entire collection of cherished, valuable, or heirloom dishes, it's crucial to handle them with utmost care to guarantee their safe arrival at the intended destination.

What to Consider When Shipping Glassware

Fragile Glassware

Taking into account the fragility of dishes, typically crafted from ceramic or glass, and the heightened sensitivity of delicate bone china or porcelain, it's paramount to employ meticulous packing techniques. This is particularly true when dealing with dishes of significant sentimental or monetary value, such as antique pieces.

To enhance the security of your dishes, consider adopting a double-boxing technique. This method provides an additional layer of protection, offering peace of mind during shipping, especially for dishes with substantial value or irreplaceable sentimental significance. Utilize materials like bubble wrap, packing paper, foam inserts, or foam peanuts to create a protective barrier around each dish.

Dish Packing Materials

When shipping dishes over long distances, using a specialized box designed explicitly for this purpose, commonly known as a "dish pack," is advisable. Alongside this, ensure you have ample protective padding like bubble wrap and packing paper. Avoid substituting these materials with alternatives, as materials like newsprint can transfer dye onto the dishes.

Size of Box

Selecting the appropriate box size is crucial. Opt for dimensions that allow sufficient room for adequate padding while minimizing excess space that may lead to shifting and potential breakage. A recommended approach is using a 16" x 16" x 16" box securely packed within a larger 18" x 18" x 18" box.


Consider the value of your dishes, especially if they hold sentimental or monetary significance. For antique or valuable dishes, it's prudent to insure them for their full value against potential damage, loss, or theft during transit. Explore insurance options with your chosen shipping provider or an insurance company specializing in shipping coverage to ensure comprehensive protection.

Box Weight and Stability

Box weight plays a crucial role in the safety of your shipment. Avoid overloading boxes, as heavier packages are more susceptible to damage during transit. Instead of consolidating your entire dish set into one or two boxes, distribute them across several smaller and lighter boxes, each with a maximum weight of 10 lbs. This not only minimizes the strain on individual boxes but also ensures even weight distribution, reducing the risk of structural failure or damage during handling.

Number of Boxes

Typically, a standard dish set necessitates 3-4 boxes, but each dish set is different, so plan accordingly.

If you're considering shipping glassware, contact your local Packaging Store today. Entrust the experts to handle the intricacies of packing and shipping your glassware, ensuring a smooth journey to their destination without any complications.


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