Manchester, CT is a thriving community in Hartford County, CT. Manchester has acres and acres of park land, a wide range of housing styles and prices in attractive neighborhoods, the Manchester Memorial Hospital, Manchester Community College, an award-winning school system, performing arts organizations, libraries and more. Top that off with community-spirited residents and you have a great place to live and work. All that and the Handle With Care Packaging Store offering the best shipping rate in Manchester, CT, along with the widest array of pack and ship service offered anywhere, businesses and residents of Manchester have it pretty darn good.
Seriously though, a convenient shipping store in town sounds like no big deal -- that is until you need one. And when you do, it's nice to know that the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Manchester, CT is ready in every way possible to serve your pack and ship needs. Folks think what's the big deal? Just throw a thing in a box and away it goes. Our experience has shown time and time again that abiding by that logic is a short-cut to shipping disaster. Only from decades of franchise packing and shipping experience have we come to the tried-and-true methods of carefully packing and shipping our customers' valuables. We've learned that most of the items shipped are irreplaceable and the customer needs to know that our approach to preparing items for shipment is one that truly treats your valuables as if they were our own.
Because we have no weight limit and no size limit on the things we ship, the responsibility rests on us to be perfectly certain that when we pack an item for transit that it gets the complete, fully safe packing technique designed specifically for that item to ensure it arrives exactly in the same condition as when it left. Take fine art: we have a special packing technique that involves padding and crating. Or a bulky piece of furniture, for example. Again, special techniques developed for such items are used to ensure their safe arrival. Got bulky office equipment to ship around town -- or around the world? Not to worry. Our experts know exactly how to secure it for safe arrival.
As franchise operator Robert Waldron says,
"We are experts in packing. No one else comes close to our dedication to our job and our years of skill. You can rest assure knowing that each item we prepare for shipment is something that we've done numerous times before and know the exact method to use for that item to be sure it gets to its destination unharmed. Our watchword is FLAV and that stands for Fragile, Large, Awkward, Valuable. And we know the steps for each of these types of items in terms of the perfect packing job. Try us out for your next difficult shipping job and you'll see how safe and easy we make it."
So if you're either shipping to or from Connecticut and you need the best shipping rates in Manchester, CT -- coupled with the best, safest service around, just call in Manchester (860) 645-8200, and a team of shipping professionals will be at your service. Whether you bring your items to us, or we come to your residence or place of business to pick them up and safely deliver them back to our warehouse for careful packing and shipment, you can count on us for an expert shipping job every time. We take great care of our customers and their valuables.
Handle With Care Packaging Store of Manchester, CT
199 Adams St.
Manchester, CT 06042-1919
Franchise operator: Robert Waldron
Phone: (860) 645-8200
Fax: (860) 649-5077
Hours: M-F 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Sat 9:00a.m. - 12noon

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