Looking to Compare Shipping Costs in Escondido, CA?

Escondido calls itself "The Heart of San Diego North". Escondido, which means "hidden" in Spanish, lies about 18 miles inland and 30 miles northeast of San Diego. Escondido is surrounded by avocado and citrus groves and is a diverse, vibrant community with just the right blend of small town friendliness and big-city buzz. As Escondido Mayor Sam Abed is quick to point out: "Escondido is one of the few remaining communities where people of all income levels can enjoy the rich Southern California lifestyle." Escondido boasts two lakes, several parks, a sports center, golf courses, restaurants, wineries, shopping centers and so much more. Escondido is certainly a city on the go with busy people living their lives. And when these 'on the go' folks need to compare shipping costs as they go about their business, the call on the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Escondido, CA to fulfill these needs.

The residents and business people of Escondido know that there are levels of quality and service when it comes to packing and shipping and simply comparing shipping costs is not enough. They've come to realize that you really do get what you pay for. And when people want to ship things near and far with comfort in knowing their valuables are cared for with conscientious concern, they've come to trust the pack and ship experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Escondido because they know their valuables will get the taken of during shipment -- but more importantly -- during the packing phase. Our franchise expertise gained from over three decades of packing just about anything and shipping it to just about anywhere with an incredibly high success rate means that folks can trust that their valuables are given top priority. From simple boxing to careful padding, strapping, palletizing and crating items both large and small, we bring our experience to bear on every shipment.  And when you factor in our no size limit and no weight limit guidelines like many other carriers have, it becomes clear that this is the best solution when you need to compare shipping costs.

As Franchise operator Tom & Bill Beecher are quick to point out,

"Money Magazine named Escondido as the Best Place in the West in which retire. And for kids, it was called a Kid-Friendly City for the wide range of youth programs offered. So it's clear that Escondido is a great place to live and work. We love living here and we take great pride in supporting the city with expert packing and shipping services. And with all the press Escondido has been getting we are seeing an influx of people relocating here and we want folks to know that with affiliate locations across the country we are ready and able to coordinate both family and business relations to the area. Just give us a call. We promise great service!"

As their website states: Escondido's treasured heritage is a progressive future, bright and brimming with promise. New jobs, new cultural amenities, new entertainment venues, new choices for residential living, and a new vision for Escondido's future, make Escondido a city to watch. The Handle With Care Packaging Store is becoming an integral part of Escondido's success and we look forward to continued service to the community for years to come. Conveniently located at 1291 Simpson Way, Suite B in Escondido, we are here to serve you. Compare shipping costs and then give us a call at (760) 745-7757 to speak with a packing and shipping expert to get your valuables in their way to their destination safely sand securely.