Oakland is a world-class city filled with busy people and thriving businesses. And these businesses need services to help streamline their activities. This is where we come in: We are the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Oakland and we're here to help people with packing services second to none. We have no size limit... we have no weight limit. That's because we offer personal service. When it comes to packing, crating, or shipping just about anything to just about anywhere, there is no one better to call on. With over 300 affiliate locations nationwide and over three decades of experience in this business, we provide solid, trusted solutions for all of your packing and shipping needs.

When you use a vendor like us and the results are above average, you take note of that and tell your business associates, friends and family about it. The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Oakland has been blessed with a stream of referral business thanks to our routinely stellar customer service approach. It's that simple: people love us and they tell other people.

Oakland is a busy city with lots going on. Movies are filmed in Oakland; Oakland has food & beverage manufacturing plants; green and clean tech companies; and more. Each and every one of these businesses has packing and shipping needs that we are ready and able to fulfill. We specialize in shipping items that others might turn away. Large, bulky, fragile, valuable, awkwardly shaped -- we do it all! Our packing experts have at their disposal an array of tried-and-true packing techniques like foam-in-place packing for those delicate items; custom crating and strapping for those unwieldy items; and padding and boxing for items that are "handle with care".

The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Oakland is located at 4364 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, CA. If it's not right around the corner from you.... not to worry! We offer door-to-door pickup and delivery service. We'll come to you and securely pack anything/everything for you, clean up the mess, and then whisk your valuables away to their destination with great care and urgency.

Franchise operator Darren Armor and his team of conscientious shipping professionals are ready to make your next shipment the easiest and most stress-free yet. To get started with your shipping task, you can visit our website and on every page you will find a short form labeled "Shipping Estimate" to complete. It's quick and easy and gets the shipping process underway. Or, if you would rather speak with a shipping expert about your shipment, please call us at (510) 420-1171. If you're an email person, great! Just drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you pronto. Enjoying the best packing services in town just got a little easier!

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