Salisbury, NC is one those great American cities that until you go there you have no idea just how great it really is! With plenty of fun activities like historic Civil War sites to great outdoor activities to "agri-culinary" experiences. It appears that Salisbury has it all -- including a great Pack and Ship store known as the Handle With Care Packaging Store.

The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury, NC located at 475 Jake Alexander Blvd W., Suite 102 in Salisbury is filled with pack and ship experts who can box, crate, strap and pad just about anything for careful and safe delivery to just about anywhere. And when it comes to customer service, the professionals at the Handle With Care Packaging Store have over 3 decades of franchise experience to draw on in order to make your shipping task a breeze! With extra services like door-to-door pickup and delivery of your valuables, the ability to prepare your valuables for shipment right at your location, and our readiness to help out in  any way we can means we are "go-to"option for absolutely anything you have to ship. And unlike some other shipping companies, we have no weight limit and no size limit! Add to that the fact that we have over 300 affiliate locations nationwide and you come to realize that we ARE the best place to go for pack and ship services.

With Salisbury's abundant art scene featuring the North Carolina Museum of Art, the Waterworks Visual Art Center, and the Rail Arts District, you can bet there are plenty of artists in town and we want them to know that the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury are experts at carefully preparing delicate artwork for shipment around town and around the globe. Our pack and ship techniques for artwork have been perfected through decades of experience. People often tell us that their treasured art arrived on time and in pristine condition.  Browse our customer reviews section to read tales of numerous successful shipping jobs we've coordinated.

The mom & pop pack and ship store is all grown up! What used to be a simple around-the-corner convenience has developed into a full-service shipping outlet ready to pack and ship whatever you have to just about anywhere. Fragile items? No problem! Large and unwieldy valuables to ship? We do it every day! Awkward furniture to ship? Bring it on! Your valuables will be safe and secure when you ship with the pack and ship experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury, NC.

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