Shipping Services In Appleton, WI for Residents and Businesses

In addition to being on the Forbes list as #50 in the "Best Small Places for Business and Careers", Appleton is home to Lawrence University as well as a Harry Houdini exhibit and other traveling exhibits. Other popular points of interest are the Fox River Mall -- the third biggest mall in Wisconsin, the Appleton Art Center, Gardens of the Fox Cities and Goodland Field and much more. And it's typical that when any of these thriving businesses and attractions need shipping services in Appleton, WI they call on the shipping experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Appleton, WI.
That's because the Handle With Care Packaging Store has built a solid reputation for excellent service and providing the best of the best when it comes to shipping services. It's a little known fact, but the key to success in our business lies in the packing phase. That's because it's a task that cannot be "mass replicated". In other words, shipping is the simple part. Stick a label on it and away it goes. But -- if the packing of that item is not properly attended to -- on a case-by-case basis, the very rigors of the transit can and likely will result in damage to the goods inside the box, or crate, or whatever method transport suits the item in question. That's why the Handle With Care Packaging Store has become a name brand in the pack and ship world. Because we take the time to pack things with care -- and as our very name states, we handle things with care.
Another reason why we've become to go-to shipping outlet for residents and businesses of Appleton, WI, is we have no weight limit and no size limit. If you've done your "shipping homework", you've found that many other carriers have these limits. It all comes back to the packing part of the shipping task. No one wants to assume the risk of damaging things, so they have limits. The packing experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store have specific tried and true methods of packing just about every type of item there is. So there's no question when any type of item comes through the door. 99.9% of the time, we've seen that type of item before and we know exactly what to do to pack it to be sure it arrives safely. Thus no need for limits.
So when you're looking for shipping services in Appleton, WI -- or anywhere in the U.S. for that matter -- give us a call. Our nationwide coverage and affiliate locations across the country numbering in the hundreds means we can take care of your shipment no matter where you are and no matter where your shipment is going.
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