Soldotna, Alaska is a beautiful, vital, growing city with much to offer residents and visitors alike. Located in the very heart of the beautiful Kenai Peninsula, it is one special place! Contrary to what one might think of Alaskan weather, the summers there are filled with outdoor activities like river fishing, camping, canoeing, wildlife viewing, bike trails, and hiking. And don't miss their elevated boardwalks! Another "don't miss" -- especially for residents -- is the convenience of the pack and ship services provided by the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Soldotna.

Located at 102 E. Marydale Avenue in Soldotna, it's a convenient location for all Soldotna residents and businesses who have anything at all they need shipped to just about anywhere in the world. Our experience in packing and shipping are driven by our franchise history of over three decades with over 300 affiliate locations nationwide. Our steady growth is evidence that folks appreciate the services we offer and they routinely come back for more!

As Franchise operator: David Coombes is quick to add,

"The people Soldotna and Alaska in general are a friendly, hard-working and hard-playing group. You have to be to live here! We know our city and we know our people, and we know that great customer service goes a long way out here and we strive to be the best we can be at our job each and every day. Give us a try when you need pack and ship help and we'll be there ready to assist in any way we can."

And that includes services like door-to-door pickup and delivery, on-site packing of your valuables. And that means just about ANYTHING you have. No matter how big, bulky or awkward it might be. While other shipping companies have both size and weight limits, not the Handle With Care Packaging Store! We pride ourselves in being ready and able to pack and ship just about anything to just about anywhere in the world!

If you happen to be in town during the winter, you can enjoy world-class ski trails, snow machining, snow shoeing, or ice skating at our Olympic-size hockey rink. And if you have need to ship any of the things you'll need to enjoy these sports -- we're the ones to call on!

The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Soldotna, Alaska is your hub for all your pack and ship needs. Let us make your life in Alaska a little easier!

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