Located at the very heart of the San Francisco Bay Area and at the North end of Silicon Valley, Union City is a great place to live and work. With easy access to international trade channels, as well as local amenities it's a "special place" in California. And speaking of special places, we want to tell all Union City, CA residents that whenever they have a need for packing services in the area, the folks to call on are the packing and shipping experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store located at 3217 Whipple Road in Union City. In fact, "packaging" is in our name, so we must be the best place to obtain these services! And with over 300 affiliate locations nationwide boasting over three decades of experience, there really in no better choice when it comes to shipping just about anything to just about anywhere in the world!

The city of Union City is well known as an exceptional place to live and work, and having a trusted, experienced packing and shipping store to help out with all of your shipping needs makes it that much better. And we've learned first-hand that running a business in Union City means you get full support from City Hall when it comes to growing a business. We've learned that Union City has a history of sustained economic growth and strategic long-term planning. And planning is our specialty when it comes to shipping. Whether you have a few small boxes going to Bangalore, or a full office relocation to Union City from Rehoboth, it doesn't matter, because when it comes to speedy and safe delivery of anything valuable, you can be sure the Handle With Care Packaging Store staff is up to speed and on track.

Many a start-up company has chosen Union City as a home base for its growth opportunities and supportive business climate. Established businesses stay in Union City for the city's dedication to quality service and partner-oriented participation in their success. When really, it all comes down to the people. Union City people are a happy group of friendly folk -- likely because Union City is a great place to live! And while you might already be here -- or looking to relocate here -- the packing, boxing and shipping experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Union City are ready to help make your Union City experience a great one! Feel free to give us a call at (510) 477-0700 and speak with the owners Sam & Mary Rathin, or with any of our professional packing services experts. Or to start a dialogue you may visit any page of our website and complete the short "Shipping Estimate" form, or if you prefer, you may email us at [email protected]. We're here to make your life a little easier!

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