Where to Access Shipping Services in Traverse City, MI

A Google search tells me there are 115 things to do in Traverse City, MI! Is there enough time in one's lifetime to take them all in? And how do they run such a city when it comes to logistics? And what about the nuts and bolts of keeping those events and activities in check? Like how about shipping services? Here's one way how: when businesses or residents need shipping services in Traverse City, MI, they call on the professionals... they call on the experts... they call on the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Traverse City, MI.
Shipping services is not a "fuzzy service" in that it's open to interpretation. No, it's a concrete task. A solid service. You're either good at it or not. People either call you back the next time because you did a great job, or they call the next company down the list. That's how we know we're among the best at what we do because people call us back time and time again. The Handle With Care Packaging Store has built a solid reputation on repeat business because we know how important your valuables are and we know how to get them from point A to point B safe and sound. The bottom line: people looking for shipping services in Traverse City, MI call the Handle With Care Packaging Store.
Adds franchise operator Robert Petersen,
"There's a prime focus on customer service that we abide by and that's why we've been so successful. With so much going on in Traverse City it's important to the businesses that things run smoothly. And one of the many ways we service our customer base is by going the extra mile for our customers. For example, if they have a large or bulky piece of furniture or delicate office equipment, we'll come to a residence or place of business to retrieve the item or items and bring them to our packing center to prepare them for the safest shipment they've ever known. As our name states, we handle with care and take every measure to be sure every valuable item we ship is packed and secured properly to withstand the rigors of transit."
Another reason we've become the "go-to" shipper for many folks is because unlike most other carriers, we have no weight limit and no size limit. Thanks to our highly skilled packing professionals using our tried-and-true, best practices packing techniques developed over years of franchise experience, we can secure just about any item for shipment around the block or around the globe. So when you're looking for shipping services in Traverse City, MI, you're actually looking for the Handle With Care Packaging Store.
Handle With Care Packaging Store of Traverse City, MI
Franchise operator: Robert Petersen
Phone: (231) 929-7225
Fax: (231) 929-7275
1425 W South Airport Rd Ste E
Traverse City, MI 49686-4774
Hours: M-F 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.