Anchorage Alaska is a two-faced city -- and both are beautiful profiles. First, there is, of course, the Anchorage winter, but then, you have the glorious Anchorage summer -- and what a treat it is! Eco Tours, glacier cruises, ice climbing, railroad tours, and of course an abundance of wildlife viewing. It is truly breathtaking. And while people think.... ALASKA! That's far away! While Alaska residents think: You're so far away from us! So it's relative. It's like when you compare shipping costs. Everything is relative. Sure, you can get the lowest of the low pricing, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. With the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Anchorage, AK what you get is value.

Compare all you want, but we still come out on top. Because when it comes to pack and ship stores, no one can touch over 30 years of franchising experience as part of the Handle With Care Packaging Store franchise system across the U.S. We are a professional organization and we take our job of packaging and shipping seriously. For example: many other shipping options have both size and weight restrictions. Not us! If we can pack it securely -- and we certainly can -- then we can ship it. When you compare shipping costs, be sure you take into account the important trust you place in the carrier you choose when it comes to protecting your valuables. At Handle With Care Packaging Store of Anchorage we are experts at crating, boxing, packing, strapping, padding -- we even offer foam-in-place custom packaging for your extremely delicate items. And with our years of experience comes peace of mind knowing we take great care with your valuables.

Businesses and regular folk alike come to us when the task of shipping presents itself. And in Alaska you can bet that happens a lot. As Franchise operators Ken & Peter Knight often say,

"We love being like the frontier point of contact here in Anchorage. The people are great and we enjoy providing them with a trusted, reliable service that's really important out here. We want people to know that we can also come to your location and do all of our packing magic and ship things right out from there."

Located in the Anchorage airport business area at 549 W Intl. Airport Rd., Suite A10 in Anchorage, the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Anchorage, AK makes it quick and easy to get a shipment started on it's way. Just visit our website at: www.gopackagingstore.com and complete the short "Shipping Estimate" form found on every page of the site. Or if you prefer, you can call us at (907) 563-9876 in Anchorage. When you compare shipping costs and then compare shipping services, you'll make the right decision.

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