Appleton, WI Residents and Businesses Have a Favorite Shipping Store

Appleton is the principal city of the Appleton, Wisconsin Metropolitan Business area and has a rich history. Appleton was settled in 1847 by European fur traders doing business with the Fox River Valley Native Americans. Home to Lawrence University, Appleton grew along with the school. Appleton was a leader in industry as far back as the 1850's. Paper manufacturing became a key industry contributing to the steady growth of Appleton. The nation's first hydro-electric central station, the Vulcan Street Plant on the Fox River, began operation on September 30, 1882. Appleton continued with more "firsts" as the years went by. Appleton's Valley Fair Shopping Center, built in 1954, laid claim to being the first enclosed shopping mall in the United States. With all this activity in and around Appleton, it's no wonder that residents and businesses alike have a preferred shipping store in Appleton, WI. keeping industry in Appleton running smoothly. That would be The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Appleton, WI 
Staffed with the most conscientious and professional packing and shipping experts, it's no wonder Appleton residents are loyal customers of the Handle With Care Packaging Store. But their loyalty was earned by years of expertise in the shipping store business. With no size limit and no weight limit, the only restriction is can it be packed securely for transit -- and the answer is most often yes -- then it gets shipped. Building on over three decades of expert service provided to communities around the nation, the Handle With Care Packaging Store professionals are the shipping store in Appleton, WI to trust with all your shipping needs.
Over 300 affiliate stores nationwide are ready to coordinate a shipment to or from Appleton -- and in fact, anywhere on the world. Transit can take its toll on a shipment. All the jostling, moving, sliding and such must be accounted for during the packing stage. It's in our name and it's part of our core mission, and that is to Handle With Care. While it may just look like another box or pallet or crate when its ready to ship, the customer service experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Appleton, WI are fully aware that each and every shipment contains valuables that are in many instances irreplaceable. We take that to heart and prepare each and every shipment for the most harsh trip imaginable, In this way, we always have the safe arrival of your valuables as the most important aspect to in mind.
As Franchise operator Mark Kintz often says,
"There is no better shipping store in Appleton WI. I know this because I take the time to review our services against those of our competitors all the time. And you know what we find? We find that no one packs and ships with the kind of personal attention we provide. Our future in business literally rests on our reputation. We do our best with every shipment that comes through our door. In this way we guarantee the success of our business and the satisfaction of our customers."
So when you're looking for a shipping store in Appleton, WI, call on the experts at The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Appleton, WI. Visit our website: and complete a short form to get your shipping job underway. We may be just a shipping store in Appleton, but when it matters most, we have connections around the world.