Berkeley, CA Shipping Quotes Provided Here

Berkeley, California has a colorful history. Arguably the catalyst for the Free Speech movement of the 1960's, Berkeley is now hosting "Looking Back: The Free Speech Movement at Fifty". It's an historical look inspired by the Civil Rights Movement and Freedom Summer. No one would have guessed it at the time, but Berkeley students’ defense of freedom of speech exploded into an historic event and spawned widespread student movements across the country. The exhibit features photographs, oral history excerpts, and artifacts from the 1964 events. We take free speech for granted but folks had to actually fight for it at that time. Today, there's something you don't have to fight for in Berkeley, and that's getting shipping quotes from the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Berkeley, CA to make you life or your business run smoothly.
When you need to ship something to or from Berkeley, of course the first thing a person might do is get shipping quotes from a couple different sources and then make a decision which to use based on the findings. But what will you find? You'll discover that there's a whole lot more to shipping than just jamming your things in a box and sending it off. That's almost a certain recipe for disaster when you consider that it's your valuables and not just some stuff. It becomes clear right then that while cost is an issue, your valuables are at stake and you take a closer look at exactly what is involved when you get shipping quotes.
What we know from over three decades of franchise experience in the packing and shipping business is that the packing part is perhaps the most critical aspect to a successful shipment that arrives on-time and intact. And while the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Berkeley, CA makes it look simple, when you peel back the layers of what makes us the best at what we do, you'll see things like custom crating, expert palletizing of things like big screens and bulky office equipment, custom foam-in-place packing for those highly fragile items, and an overall concern for the safety of the items in transit. It's right then that you realize that the Handle With Care Packaging Store team of professional pack and ship experts are on top of their game in every way.
Franchise operator Darren Armor puts it this way:
"There's hardly an item that comes through the door for shipment that we haven't seen and/or packed and shipped off to its destination securely and with great care. And if that item cannot even be brought through our doors, guess what? We'll go and get it. That's right. We'll come to your residence or place of business, we'll work our packing magic, and then we'll get that shipment on its way right from there. And we'll even clean up the mess we make. How's that for service?"
The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Berkeley, CA goes above and beyond the call of service to ensure the reputation they've built stays intact as the envy of all other shippers. And with no size or weight limit like many other carriers, we are truly the go-to outlet for shipping just about anything to just about anywhere -- around the block or around the globe. Every page of our website has a Shipping Estimate form to get shipping quotes to start your shipment rolling. Visit:
Or just give us a call in Berkeley at (510) 540-6311 and speak freely. After all, this is Berkeley, CA.