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Miramar roughly translated means "view of the sea". Miramar is the site of the U.S. Naval Air show where folks come to enjoy the San Diego climate, its beaches, and of course the flying show. Each year people gather to watch the amazing aerial stunts performed by such famous squads as the Blue Angels and others. And along with the performers and crews comes a host of organizations to support the crowds from food vendors, to memorabilia vendors and on and on. And when these organizations converge in Miramar, you know they'll all be looking for the best shipping rate in Miramar, CA to keep their operations running smoothly. And when they do, they call on the pack and ship experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Miramar to do the job.
Folks come from all over the country for the air show and the fact that the Handle With Care Packaging Store is part of a franchise system across the U.S., it makes it even easier to choose them as the shipping venue as there is likely an affiliate store nearby their city. When you factor in the added convenience that we will hang on to any of the shipped items until it is convenient for pickup, or local delivery, it's a snap decision to choose the Handle With Care Packaging Store. Who else will do that? Very few competitors -- if any at all. Because we focus intently on customer service, we've built our reputation on extra services like this in order to fully service our customers.
As franchise operator Peter Wharf says,
"We pride ourselves in going above and beyond the call of service For example: If there are items too bulky or too heavy to bring to our store for shipment, we're ready and able to go to the location of the items, perform all packing, padding, strapping and crating as needed, and then get the shipment off to its destination right from there. Because we have no weight limits and no size limits on the things we ship, if we can pack it securely for shipment -- and we most always can, then we can ship it. That's our commitment to service."
And making things even easier, we encourage a visit to our website: where completing a short "Shipping Estimate" form found on every page of the site will start a shipment on its way. Getting the best shipping rate in Miramar, CA combined with the best, most comprehensive service around, means the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Miramar, CA is the best choice you can make for shipping just about anything to just about anywhere.
Handle With Care Packaging Store of Miramar/San Diego
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Franchise operator: Peter Wharf
Phone: (858) 549-7225
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Hours: M-F 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
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