Irvine, CA is Orange County's "city". With attractions like the OC Performing Arts center plus its growing reputation as "tech coast", it is the hub of Orange County business. The arrival of UC Irvine in the 1960's began the modern chapter of an area whose history had been dominated by ranching and farming for hundreds of years. Today, Irvine is a multicultural center of education, innovation, business, preserved wildlands, outdoor recreation, the arts and family-oriented communities. The FBI has ranked Irvine "America's Safest Big City" every year since 2005 making Irvine a great place to live and work. And with the addition of the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Irvine, CA, there's a place to get shipping quotes when businesses and residents need to get things to and from Irvine.
With so many options for shipping these days, just getting a shipping quote to compare prices can become a real task. That's why the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Irvine has made it super easy to get a shipping quote. Just visit our website: www.gopackagingstore.com, complete the short Shipping Estimate form found on every page and that starts the process. But how that process plays out is the key to our success. With over three decades of franchise pack and ship experience to rely on, we execute every shipment like a well-oiled machine. As our name suggests, we take great care when it comes to packaging. Years of experience means we know the ins and outs of shipping and we've found that the packaging stage is quite possibly the most critical. This is where the "handle with care" part of our name really comes into play.
Other carriers often have size and weight limits. This is because they don't have the resources we have to ensure the safe arrival of your valuables. When your valuables are at stake, you don't want to scrimp on the shipping cost only to end up with damaged goods upon arrival. Our packing experts have the skill and know-how to be sure your items are treated to the proper packing method depending upon the item. Heavy and/or bulky office equipment goes on a secure pallet, is strapped in place, and securely padded to protect it during transit. Delicate artwork is carefully packed using advanced foam-in-place techniques.  The bottom line is we have the skills to pack and ship just about anything and ship it to just about anywhere.
As franchise operator Ravi Kanwal says,
"We are the go-to shipping resource in Irvine. We cater to both residents and businesses. If you are unable to bring your items to us to ship, we'll come to you to carefully pack things up and get them on their way promptly and securely. We routinely provide our On-Site Packing service to businesses in Irvine and surrounding areas."
So do your diligence and get shipping quotes to compare costs, but keep in mind our slogan: "We take care of your items as if they were our own". There is no better promise than that. 
Give us a call in Irvine at (949) 752-8468 and speak with a shipping professional to start the shipping process in motion. 

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