The slogan for Lansdale, PA is "Life In Motion". Located 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia, Lansdale looks to be a great place to live. With plenty of social activities and annual events such as their Mardi Gras Parade and Oktoberfest celebration, it is indeed a place to live where it's "easy to find what moves you". But when it gets to the physical world of things actually being in motion -- as in shipping things from place to place, the folks in Lansdale know that the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Lansdale, PA is the place to go. They don't even bother to compare shipping costs elsewhere because they know they'll get a great price, but more importantly -- they'll get the peace of mind knowing that their shipment is in the trusted hands of the shipping experts.

With over 3 decades of franchise packing and shipping experience to draw on, the professionals at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Lansdale, PA have no size limit and no weight limit like most other shipping alternatives. That's because they offer expert packing, crating, boxing, padding, strapping, palletizing -- even foam-in-place custom packaging -- all designed to keep your valuables safe and secure during shipment. That's why we say: bring it on! Part of the Handle With Care Packaging Store franchise system across the U.S., we can coordinate anything from a family re-location to a corporate re-location with ease.

Businesses and residents of Lansdale are smart to compare shipping costs because they also know that there is a lot more that goes into the packing and shipping of valuables than just sticking an item in a box and sending it off. There are specific techniques used for just about every type of item we ship including: the proper packing of artwork; a specific method to safely ship computers and servers containing valuable data; a proper way to ship furniture; the best way to secure and transport delicate scientific and/or medical equipment; and on and on. The important thing to remember when it's time to compare shipping costs for your valuables, the secret is in the packing -- and our "special sauce" is experience.

As franchise operator Duane Freed is often heard to say,

"We pride ourselves in customer service. We often go out to the 'ship from' address and do the palletizing, packing, strapping, padding, whatever it takes to make certain the items in transit are properly secured. It's our business and we take it seriously. Our aim is to have every one that comes through that door become a regular customer."

We make it super easy to get started with a shipment. Just go to our website: www.gopackagingstore.com and complete out short "Shipping Estimate" form and compare shipping costs. Our give us a call at (215) 361-6940 and speak with a shipping professional to take expert care of your order.

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