Need A Shipping Store in Paradise, CA?

The town of Paradise, CA was incorporated in 1979. But you've really got to wonder how a place called Paradise got its name. The story is a little cloudy, but here are the "facts": A legend persists that the town was named after the Pair o' Dice Saloon. However, according to locals, there is no documentation of such an establishment, nor an explanation of how the spelling of the town was derived. Another legend states the town's name is traced to William Pierce Leonard, who on a summer day in 1864, after a hot and dusty ride from the Sacramento Valley, "took a deep breath of the cool, clean air, and exclaimed to his staff, 'Boys, this is paradise.'" Truth or legend, the town is simply a pleasant place to live. On the other hand, the shipping store in Paradise, CA called the Handle With Care Packaging Store has a name that has no mystery or legends surrounding it at all -- just great pack and ship services.
While we can't claim much in the way of an actual paradise, we will state that the packing and shipping experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Paradise, CA can bring a little touch or paradise to your day when it comes to shipping just about anything to just about anywhere in the world. Part of a nationwide franchise of pack and ships stores with over three decades of expertise under their belts, it's easy to understand how a shipping store in Paradise, CA can boast a reputation for excellence. There are no stories as to how we got our name. It's obvious: We handle with care anything you need packed and shipped. Our emphasis is on the packing facet. That's because our years of experience has taught us that the mere transit of an item puts it at risk for all sorts of damage and the best way to caution against that is a solid packing job.
As franchise operator Ted Dorset says,
"We use every modern packing technique to protect your valuables during shipment. Valuable artwork? No problem. We have special techniques for such items. Bulky office equipment? Bring it on. We are experts at palletizing and crating to keep your business machines in pristine condition whether they are being shipped across town or around the world. Computers, Office furniture, family heirlooms... you name it and we can pack it securely for safe arrival. We'll even use foam-in-place pacing techniques to protect delicate valuables. We are the shipping store in Paradise, CA to call on."
And it's about as easy as possible to get started with a shipment. Just visit our website: and on every page you'll find a short Shipping Estimate form to complete. It takes a minute or less to fill out. We will be in touch promptly to work out the logistics of your shipment. While we have no bones about our name and our purpose, we sure are happy to be part of Paradise.