Salisbury, NC Residents and Businesses Now Have a Shipping Store

Salisbury, NC is committed to the arts. Featuring a growing population of professional and amateur artists drawn from many disciplines with extended support from local arts patrons and foundations. Participation and support for the arts has provided Salisbury with a unique profile for the arts and for artists. When all of these artists find the need to ship items they've sold to points abroad, they look for a shipping store in Salisbury, NC, and when they do that, they find that the experts in town is the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury, NC.
Word in the art community spreads fast. And the good word in shipping precious, irreplaceable art and other valuables is that the Handle With Care Packaging Store does just that: handle items destined for transit in a way that guarantees their safe arrival at their destination. Using specific techniques for each type of item in need of shipping has helped build their reputation as the folks that care about the arts in the solid traditional of Salisbury itself.
The Salisbury Sculpture Show can rely on the packing experts to secure beautiful works of art that may at times be awkward in terms of moving them from place to place. Not to worry. The packing professionals at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury have special foam-in-place packing techniques to secure delicate sculptures. Or take the paintings you might find exhibited at the Rowan Art Crawl on the second Saturday of each month. Were you to purchase an exquisite work of art from one of the more than 25 professional artists, studios, and galleries, you can rest assured that if you call on the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury, they will take great care to ensure that your priceless work of art will arrive in pristine condition at its destination.
With over three decades of franchise packing and shipping experience to draw on (no pun intended!), the experts at packing and shipping just about anything to just about anywhere in the world will take great care of you, and even greater care of your valuables. Be they precious artwork, family heirlooms, even bulky and heavy office equipment for businesses. With no weight limit and no size limit as many other carriers often have, the Handle With Care Packaging Store says if we can pack -- and we certainly can -- then we can ship it.
And it's about as easy as possible to get a shipment started. Simply visit our website: and complete the short "Shipping Estimate" form found on every page of the site and a shipping p[professional will be in touch promptly to start the process in motion. Or, if you prefer, just give us a call in Salisbury at (704) 638-9922 and we will come to your location to pack, strap, box, palletize -- whatever it takes -- and ship your valuables directly from there.
When it comes to art and culture there is no place like Salisbury. And when it comes to caring for the packing and shipment of great art, let the experts take care of you. The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Salisbury, NC.