Santa Barbara, CA Residents and Businesses Get Shipping Quotes Here

Santa Barbara has long been known among Southern Californians and Central Coast Californians as being the idyllic getaway spot for many decades. And the reasons are clear: It's the people. And the surroundings play a major part of why the people are so friendly. Three words come to mind: Beaches, wine and shopping. And did someone say endless summer? Santa Barbara is a place where great food, great activities and superb weather come together to create a magical place. But all this magic doesn't happen by itself. It takes logistics to make it all happen. And when folks need to get shipping quotes to bring things to or from Santa Barbara, they rely on the pack and ship experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Santa Barbara, CA.
The Handle With Care Packaging Store of Santa Barbara has been providing expert shipping resources to residents and businesses in Santa Barbara for many years. So much so that the people of Santa Barbara don't even bother to get shipping quotes from other carriers because they know that the Handle With Care Packaging Store is the leader in providing not only shipping services, but peace of mind to their customers by taking expert care of items in transit. They know that there is a lot more to shipping than just stuffing an item in a box with some bubble wrap. And if you've learned this the hard way by going with another carrier only to find damaged or even lost items, then you've got to call the experts for your next shipment. As franchise operator Charlie Langella often says,
"Other carriers often have size and weight limits for the things they ship, but not us. We have a slogan: FLAV. It stands for fragile, large, awkward and valuable. That means that if we can secure it for transit -- and you bet we can -- that we can ship it safely from point A to point B. So go ahead... get shipping quotes from other carriers. We're confident you'll be calling us back for the best shipping experience you've ever had."
With over three decades of franchise packing and shipping experience, the shipping professionals at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Santa Barbara, CA are ready for anything. Custom crating, palletizing for those bulky business machines, or carefully packed foam-in-place for those valuable art pieces you may have. Nothing says expertise more than plain old experience.
And when it's time to get shipping quotes, we make it about as easy as possible. Just visit our website: and complete the short Shipping Estimate form found on very page of our site and a logistics expert will be in touch promptly to take our usual great care of your valuables. Or, if you prefer, give us a call in Santa Barbara at (805) 965-3344 and Charlie's expert shipping team will be at your service.