Shipping Services in Alameda, CA

Alameda is a pretty cool place.  Activities abound including sailing, golfing, the popular Antique Faire, skate parks for the kids, and plenty of other parks for any outdoor activity you can imagine.  Life is good in Alameda, CA. And helping to make it a little better is the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Alameda where folks go for shipping services in Alameda, CA.
But there's more to it than just shipping services. We like to think that we offer a people service first. We take of people and their shipping needs -- not the other way around. And we are serious about shipping. It's not something we take lightly (pun intended!). In fact, where other carriers might find an item too heavy to ship, call us. Where other carriers might find an item too bulky, again... call us. We do our darnedest to ship just about everything that comes through our doors, and we rarely ever turn an item away. That's because we've seen it all and packed it all and we know how to properly secure just about any item for the rigors of transit.  We have a word for those things: we call them FLAV. It stands for fragile, large, awkward or valuable. And this approach has served our customers well over the years.
As franchise operator David Aurand often, says,
"We love Alameda and we love the people here. We're happy to be of service when it comes to shipping. Regular customers come in every day and that makes us smile because it says we're doing our job right. When residents or businesses in the area need shipping service sin Alameda, CA, we're pleased that they call on us first."
And making your shipping task even easier is our website: We have it set up so that all you need to do to get a shipping job started is complete the short "Shipping Estimate" form found on every page of the site and that starts the process. And if you should find yourself in a situation where you are unable to bring a particular item into the store for shipment, give us a call and we'll pick it up and bring it to our packing center and prepare it for shipment to just about anywhere in the world. Shipping services in Alameda, CA is our specialty.
Handle With Care Packaging Store of Alameda, CA
535 S. Shore Ctr. W.
Alameda, CA 94501-5725
Franchise operator: David Aurand & William Baker
Phone: (510) 522-8003
Fax: (510) 522-5627
Hours: M-F 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.