There's A Great Shipping Store in Soldotna, AK

Ever since WWII when the U.S government enacted the Homestead act opening up parts Kenai National Moose Range giving veterans a 90-day preference for selecting land and filing for property ownership, Soldotna has been slowly growing. The reputation of Alaska as the last frontier in America is going strong since then. And what better way to assist this frontier spirit than providing support for the free spirits who continue to tame this land to this very day. At the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Soldotna, AK, we salute the folks who call this area home and we provide a much needed service in the area. When folks are looking for a shipping store in Soldotna, AK, they come to the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Soldotna. AK.
We are locals and we understand the pace of life here in Alaska. We respect the land and we cater to the needs of the people here by providing expert pack and ship services. There are not a lot of options here for such services, so we know we've got to be all inclusive when it comes to service -- and that is our specialty. We have no weight limits and no size limits like you might expect. How could we? With few alternative options, we've learned that in order to provide the best possible service here in Alaska is to do it all. And that's exactly what we do. With over three decades of franchise experience, we are experts at packing, crating, palletizing, boxing, padding and strapping just about anything you might have that needs to be shipped to just about anywhere in the world.
The very act of shipping valuables puts those items at risk of damage. That's why we make absolutely certain that your valuables are fully secure for transit and that they arrive safely at their destination. As franchise operator David Coombes is quick to point out,
"We are locals and we understand both the extreme conditions out here as well as the need to prepare items destined for transit in such a way as to ensure safe arrival at their destination. We love living in the area and we have an affinity for the people here. So when the need to pack and ship valuables -- whether to or from Soldotna -- or anywhere in Alaska, you can be sure we'll get the job done right the first time. As out motto says, 'We treat your valuables as if they were our own'. You can count on it."
To make it about as easy as possible to get started with a shipment, we've set up our website to allow you to get started with a simple, short form found on every page of our website. Just visit: and complete the "Shipping Estimate" form found on very page of the site. A shipping professional will be in touch with you promptly to take it from there. We make it a little easier for Alaskans to enjoy the lifestyle they've come to love.