Where to Get Shipping Quotes in Traverse City, MI

Did you know that the Traverse City area is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States? True factoid. Near the time of the cherry harvest, Traverse City hosts the annual week-long National Cherry Festival during the first full week of July. This cherry-lovers event attracts nearly 500,000 visitors annually. That's a LOT of cherry eaters! And when these cherry growers, cherry eaters, and everyone else involved in this event need to get shipping quote to ship things to and from Traverse City to make sure their event runs smooth as silk, they call on the shipping experts at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Traverse City, MI.
Many of the businesses and residents of Traverse City are aware of the expert pack and ship services provided by the Handle With Care Packaging Store that they don't even bother to get shipping quotes because they know they're getting a great price, great service, but above all -- they're getting peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that the professionals at the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Traverse City, MI are skilled at packing just about anything and shipping it to just about anywhere in the world.
We are reaching out to the folks who may not be fully aware that whenever they need to get a shipping quote that the process is simple and easy. Just go to our website: www.gopackagingstore.com and complete the short "Shipping Estimate" form found on every page of our site. In short order our experts will get back to you with the logistics of your shipment. But go ahead... check out other shipping options... get shipping quotes elsewhere. We are fully confident that once you do that you'll be calling us right back because as you consider the implications of "saving a few dollars" at the risk of damaging your goods in transit, you'll make the smart decision and send your shipment via the Handle With Care Packaging Store.
Our expertise in packing and shipping draws on over three decade of franchise experience, and our skills, well... they are truly unmatched. There's hardly an item we haven't carefully packed and promptly shipped in the past. And if your valuables are fragile, large or awkward, no matter. If we can pack it -- and we surely can -- then we can ship it. We are experts at taking extreme measures to ensure your shipment arrives safe and sound. Custom crating? No problem. Foam-in-place custom packing? We do it every day! Palletizing? Bring it on! And unlike many other carriers, we have no size limit and no weight limit. 
So give us a call in Traverse City at (231) 929-7225 and connect with one of our shipping professionals to go over the details of your shipment. Join the rest of the folks in Traverse City who don't even bother to get shipping quotes!