Where to Get Shipping Quotes in Troy, MI

The Troy Michigan website trumpets "Live here, work here, play here". And why not? It looks like a great place to call home. The "Live here" section features parks and programs for seniors, while the "Play here" section is chock full of activities such as a variety of sports, aquatics center, nature center, plenty of parks, golf courses, recreation centers and the Troy Historic Village. One thing not readily listed is a shipping resource. Well, we've got that covered. When residents and businesses of Troy need to get shipping quotes for just about anything that needs to be shipped, they know to call on the Handle With Care Packaging Store of Troy, MI.
When we say just about anything, we hasten to add that many other carriers have size and weight limits -- but not the Handle With Care Packaging Store. We often hear stories from our customers that they went to a "so-and-so" packaging outlet (one of our competitors) and they were turned away because the item they wished to ship was either too large or too heavy. That won't happen here! If we can securely pack it -- and we certainly have the skills and experience to do so -- then we can ship it. We say this because we are the premier pack and ship store with an emphasis on packing. We use every modern packing technique known to man in order to care for your valuables while in transit. Custom crating? We do it every day. How about securing, strapping and palletizing heavy equipment and/or office machinery. Piece of cake! In fact, we'll even come to your home or place of business to pack, crate, box and foam-in-place your valuables to ensure safe arrival at their destination -- whether that's around the block or around the globe.
As franchise operator Andrew Hack has said,
"We draw on over three decades of franchise best practices to give the people of Troy the best, most reliable packing services in town. And with hundreds of affiliate locations across the nation, we can ship your valuables to their destination and hang on to them until your arrival if you're not ready to take immediate delivery. The bottom line is we are here to make your shipping tasks go as smoothly as possible."
So when you need to get a shipping quote, we urge you to shop around because we know that when you compare price, services and more importantly, the careful transit of your valuables, you'll be calling us to take care of your shipment. To get a shipping quote, simply visit our website: www.gopackagingstore.com and complete the short Shipping Estimate form found on every page of our site and a representative will be in touch promptly to discuss the logistics of your shipment. Or, just give us a call in Troy at (248) 680-0993. Our pack and ship experts are waiting to serve you.