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The Packaging Store has earned a reputation for excellence for our packing, palletizing, crating and boxing as well as a variety of shipping service options.

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In today's global economy, shipping costs can make or break your bottom line. But with the Packing Store in your corner, you won't have to worry that the shipping freight cost will overrun your business's viability or your budget. That's because at The Packaging Store we're committed to ensuring your shipping cost stays as low as possible. If you need to calculate shipping cost, we take pride in providing the best shipping rates. When you're ready to get shipping rates, we have years of experience packing and shipping the most difficult-to-ship specialty items at the most economical price: our experts know how to keep packing material out of computer vents, how to properly protect fine art with acid-free packing paper and glass masking tape, and how to keep your costs down when the cost of shipping is a concern.(HINT: Start with our "Get A Shipping Quote" form: the perfect Shipping Calculator to calculate shipping rates.)

The Packaging Store keeps your cost of shipping low by custom-tailoring our parcel post packing and shipping solutions to your specific needs, whatever the size of the job. If your valuables need custom-built one-of-a-kind crates and boxes, we'll build them for you; if you need custom foam or high-tech materials, we have them. And if your solution calls for standard boxes and simple packaging materials like peanuts and tapes, we won't try to sell you anything else. At the Packaging Store, our focus is onyour needs exclusively, and we ensure that those needs are met. So when you're ready to calculate shipping costs, you'll see we are the clear choice.

Call us for a parcel post rates quote today, and see how easy it is to keep shipping costs down!