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Posted on 04/02 at 07:10 PM
Ever since WWII when the U.S government enacted the Homestead act opening up parts Kenai National Moose Range giving veterans a 90-day preference for selecting land and filing for property ownership, Soldotna has been slowly...Read More
Posted on 04/02 at 07:10 PM
Did you know that the Traverse City area is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States? True factoid. Near the time of the cherry harvest, Traverse City hosts the annual week-long National Cherry Festival...Read More
Posted on 01/06 at 12:00 AM
The city of Glendale has an interesting history to the origin of its name. Following a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in 1883, the townspeople met at the schoolhouse on Verdugo Road to discuss the naming of their town. A...Read More
Posted on 10/02 at 08:42 AM
While this author has never been to Grand Forks, ND, it doesn't take much to see that there are plenty of fun things to do. The Grand Forks area is home to a great mix of sports events, a vibrant arts scene, miles of biking...Read More